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Equal But Different


"My interest in this area of study is based on my strong belief that people are born equal but different. It is a belief that equity across gender, race, social class and sexual orientation will be attained in my lifetime."

"Equal But Different" is based on my doctoral thesis, which investigated the intersection of race, gender and social class in women leaders’ career progression. The women leaders came up with strategies for gender transformation at leadership level. The book presents life stories of women leaders in South Africa and abroad and men who believe in gender equality and contributed towards this goal.

The common thread across the life stories of women who contributed to the book are:

  • A message from family that said "you can be anything that you set your mind to be"
  • Supportive men who sponsored and mentored them.
  • Pursuit of education.
  • Determination to succeed.
  • Your initial social class should not determine the person you become. Though the lower your initial social class is, the harder you have to work to achieve your ambitious dreams.