Noko Mabotha

Wed, 23/08/2017

"My top learnings as I close the book - Equal but Different for my next read. Oldest tricks in the book.

1.) Self-Awareness - knowing your strength and weaknesses, personal values and remaining true to them. Having career goals and being intentional to achieve them.

2.) The fact that males and females can co-exist in a corporate environment, and how we can tap into each other's strengths/weaknesses.

3.) The strong presence of a father figure. Most female leaders mentioned in the book, even the author herself, talk a lot about her fathers' influence on her life.

4.) Networking - through mentorship, creating visibility for your work (my first managers and my current managers are firm believes of this). People must just know who you are; what piece of the puzzle you bring into the party; your contribution nje.

5.) The importance of consistent self-development. 90%, if not all the leaders, have some post-grad up to Masters, if not Doctorate level. If not these, at least a Leadership Development program. Dr Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka spoke of how each role requires a different mindset, and how post-grad qualifications help expand ones thinking.

I recommend this book to every single aspiring female leader."

Noko Mabotha,
Senior Specialist at Vodacom


Itsing Tawana Meeko

Thu, 17/08/2017

"The book is a platform of different stories that come together to form a harmonious tale of woman's success and celebration. The book does in no way serve as the final arbiter on the issues faced by women but is one of those books that will long influence any reader's take on the subjective societal challenges that face women. I am equally happy that you did not seek to force or labour on the topic of womanhood but rather you brought to our attention that women no matter who they are, have similar challenges yet these remain unique to the individual.

I expected that the book would have a strong tone of feminism yet that was not the case. You told of your own experiences whilst at HSBC of the prejudice you experienced at the hands of another woman. That truly demonstrated that at times women are equally guilty of suppressing other women. I am equally buoyant by the story of Ms. Serobe whose experiences come across as those that do not subscribe to social expectations of how to go about attaining one's goals without putting ones gender as a focal point.

This book must indeed land on everyone's lap because it gives a real perspective of the equal yet different and unique experiences that women face in their respective journeys in the world of business and perhaps everyday life. We have been socially engineered to believe that the struggle of women is based on similarities yet this book shows us otherwise.

The fact that the book speaks mainly about the struggle of black women should not be a point of criticism because I see that you do mention that you were snubbed by women of other races. This again illustrates that race relations are also a factor for women's struggle for emancipation.

In conclusion, thank you for giving us an insight into the indifference that individual women face in business and everyday life. It goes to show that the balancing act required of a woman is underplayed and the book will help us shape a better future for women. I take this book as a influencer for shaping the conversation around the equality and uniqueness of woman's journeys. The book does in no way seek affirmation, it's beautifully put together."

Itsing Tawana Meeko,
CEO of Tawana Consulting Services


Sasha Wyatt-Minter

Fri, 04/08/2017

"Invaluable - and full of wisdom...a must-read for all aspiring women leaders."

Sasha Wyatt-Minter
Editor, www.all4women.co.za


Val Boje

Fri, 04/08/2017

“We find motivation in stories of those who have succeeded in difficult conditions. Businesswoman, Dr Judy Dlamini's 'Equal but Different' examines the facts about women's empowerment in South Africa and brings to life stories of successful women who have overcome challenges and serve as an inspiration to others.”

Val Boje
Editor, Pretoria News